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Laundry service and more serving Rochester and Monroe County

The Clean-O-Rama Promise

When things have piled up, we promise to help you get dirty laundry clean! We know how quickly things can get to be overwhelming, that's why we are proud to offer our laundry service to Rochester and the surrounding area. We don't care if you spill red wine on your fine table cloth. We'll work hard to get the stains out. We're Clean-O-Rama Linen Service, and our mission is to help you get on top of your laundry and linen cleaning chores!
Woman sorting laundry to wash.

Our character

We'll never roll our eyes at you when you drop off a huge pile of sheets, comforters, napkins, tablecloths, and other household linens. We work hard to get your linens clean again. We are family owned and operated, and all of our employees are fully trained in the art of stain removal. Give us a call, send us an email, or stop on by to learn more about our linen service today!

From large families to B&Bs

No one likes to sit and wait for a wash load to finish - especially when you have a large amount of laundry needing care. Whether you have a large family, you're running a motel / hotel, or you need to clean the linens donated to your second hand shop before selling them, we can help you. Our linen service is used mostly by commercial clients, but residential services are always welcome.

Address: 345 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623
Phone: 585-272-1797
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